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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
My clients, who are now sailing on the Ruby from Port Everglades have informed me that the port has put the charge for parking there up from $10 to $15 per day. That's a 50% increase and I believe that is just an opportunity to rip people off.

They have left their vehicle at the hotel they stayed at at $10 per night and the hotel picks them up from the ship.

There will be a lot of people driving in for the Oasis. Air fare from Canada is just getting out of sight and for those who are not close enough to border towns the cost is getting prohibitive when coupled with a cruise.

If they haven't added more parking of course it's going to be an issue...a big one.

We live in Florida and have been cruising out of Port Lauderdale for several years. The parking at the piers has always been $15 per day. Miami charges $20 and Port Canaveral charges $15. We cruised in Aug from Port Lauderdale and the rate was still $15 so I must wonder where your clients parked previouisly for $10. Perhaps it was uncovered parking and not in the garage (if that is available)? It wouldn't surprise me in the least to see the parking fees go up as it would be an easy way for the Port Autrhority to make more money. And I am in total agreement that the fees at all the ports are way too high. There is some off site parking available but I have never used it. Perhaps some enterprising folks will develop a site and have reliable shuttles to and from the piers. I would hate to stop using a port because of parking but this could happen here.

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