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I am aboard too. Took about 15 minutes from my shuttle to walking aboard. Very efficient. I got to the terminal around noon and was aboard and eating pizza at Sorrento's just minutes later. My luggage arrived at 1:15, with a knock at the door and the crew member brought my bag inside.

I haven 't run into Paul yet. Paul, I am in cabin 9506.

All I can say for my first impression is "overwhelming". This is a remarkable feat of marine engineering. Like many, I had thought the whole middle of the ship was open to the skies. It isn't. The Promenade is below Central Park and totally enclosed. The open areas are broken up with closed ones.

They are still finishing up on installing things aboard the ship. Tiles by the aft elevators on deck 15, boxes of lighting fixtures piled outside Bolero's. Other similar things.

The Boardwalk is so far my favorite place. Very much like a fun park at the beach. And, as big as Oasis is, I've already run into two crew members I've known from other RCI ships.

More later.
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