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I finally found a way to connect to the wireless Internet. I had to go in from our TV Internet system and change my username and password. It did not give me an error message from before so I have no idea what the problem may have been with what I previously set up.
I was also unable to set up show reservations on my TV set, so I had to go downstairs and book the Labadee zipline. All I can say is this, so far it looks like everyone is using the reservation system, so if you book Oasis, use it.
In any case, the ship is still magficient, but guest services was super crowded tonight just after boat drill. No surprise, every ship is. But in this case they had about six lines each with 10 people. I will gfive them credit and say the lines were getting processed quickly, however.
Unfortunately, I had to figure out my own wireless web problem and fix it myself. But I can be pretty self sufficient when I have to be.
They are still doing odds and ends work – adding new tiles in some hallways, etc. But for the most part she is a done ship. The sailaway was magnificent with people onshore waving flags that say “OASIS” and such. The excitement is still here for this ship. I guess maybe if you are not a cruise enthusiast you don’t get it, but for those of us who are its like the Red Sox wining the World Series, you juts have to see it to believe it ;-)
Dave Beers, I will be looking for you man. I am in cabin number 12580. Anyone else out therwe who knows me call me and chat, or leave a voicemail or email me. I will be online a lot more now.

Regards from Oasis ;-0
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