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It's 7am at Labadee as we tie up to the pier! No more tendering!

I went to the re-scheduled Oasis Of Dreams water show last evening. I was surprised when CD Ken Rush announced it would be an abbreviated show since they still had not had enough rehearsal time. He blamed it to the lost two days at sea during the transit when weather was bad. Not sure I buy that since it was a couple weeks ago and they should have had time by now. Regardless it was 20 minutes long and highlighted by dives from way up high which made the crowd gasp.

I also attended the new ice show "Frozen In Time". It was absolutely wonderful and blew the crowd away. By far this exceeds any previous ice show RCI has presented.

One note I can't hold back on: the Oasis has sound control issues with the forward cabins. I am in 9506 and it is quite impossible to sleep when underway. Every toilet flush from cabins above and adjacent resonates through the walls. Worse though is this non-stop banging which I think is water hitting the bow. It is awful. Like someone hitting a barrel with a hammer sometimes, and others it is like hitting a pot hole in a car. The cabin shudders - literally. And this is in seas that were 6 feet or so. It isn't just me. I overheard two other people complaining about it and they are in cabins near me.

I'll go ashore this morning to assess crowd control, then it's back to the pool area from some quiet time. Paul, I'll be in a white Margaritaville t-shirt and blue shorts.
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