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As to the Aqua Cast not doing their complete show because of the two days at sea, that is so not true and an odd statement. RCCL didnt give enough time to tech and safety certify each moment in the show due to many things including boat drills where the cast was gone for hours each day, parade and mob dance rehearsals, environmental training, HR training, photo sessions, commercial shoots, even Capt Bill's many interviews. But the two things that robbed the most time were GMA and the naming ceremony. These two events alone took 4 days of rehearsal away from the cast and crew. The Aqua Theater is a beautiful venue and everyone wants to be there. If Royal Caribbean Productions had made the Aqua shows a priority, both shows would be up and running by now as the safety trainer has been onboard since Turku. That said, it is all still a safety issue. This is the first show for RCCL where at any given moment, a death could occur. I am sure the passengers of Oasis would rather RCCL err on the side of caution than risk a performers life.
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