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Originally Posted by Nurse Debra View Post
Hi Niceguy514. Sorry to hear about your experience.
Since you asked, I can offer a couple of suggestions that may be of some value. First and foremost, be sure and get any offer of any type of compensation, from Celebrity, in writing. Things have a way of changing, depending on who you are talking too.

Another option is, if you charged your cruise and/or airline tickets on a credit card you could call your credit card company and register a disputed charge. It is a simple procedure and takes about five minutes. This can even be done for quite a period of time after the cruise ends.

As far as fighting Celebrity with an attorney, unless you are prepared to invest a lot of money for attorney fees that may not be your best option.

If Celebrity really meant it about giving you a cruise on one of their newer ships that may also be a very good option.

Best of luck with whatever you decide to do and I hope it all works out for you.

Thanks for the advise nurses. They supposly have a problem report associated with my problem and i have a dedicated person to talk too. The problem is i cannot get anything till the cruise ends so you are absolutely right about getting this in writing.

I have already talked to Amex about this and can dispute and the outcome will depend on the terms and conditions (looks favorable for me). Amex advised me to reject any offers if i choose to do this. Will wait till when the boat comes back for more information.

So i guess more updates to come
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