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Show: Hairspray is great, and so is trhe Ice Show. I havebeen talkingto one of the AquaTheater people and they promise the show will be great as soon as they have a chance to fget the rehearsal time in they need.

This one person claims they have been too distracted with other things to really learn and rehearse the shows to the point of full confidence. The point being that this is a show where people can literally die if accidents happen.

This person is obviously very professional and wants these shows to be the best on the ship. he/she is as disappointed as anyone that the shows are not yet ready, but says they should be soon.

During Hairspray last night there was a technical fglitch (it looked like the band stand, which is right in the middle of the stage) got stuck. It stopped the show for almost 10 minutes and many people walked out, but once it resumed all went well.

The show is as perofessional as a Broadway preoduction of the show. It is a long show for a Cruise Ship, almost 90 minutes, but it is a lot of good fun with a lot of talented castmembers. However, I can't help thinking they could cut a few scenes and it would not chage the show much at all.

The ice show is the best ever - great costumes and an interesting theme.

The most surprising best thing is the ease of boarding, embarking, at Labadee, and disembarkation. We only had 4500 passengers but I found it no more problematic than any other ship.

BTW: the ConciergeLounge is very nice, but they were doing most of their events in Dazzles. I am not sure why.

So far - tro sum up, the biggest problem I see is Internet access. I heard rumors it has been spotty since Turku, and I cant believe there are only 10 workstations on the entire ship - with 5200 people trying to print boarding passes?
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