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Let me add my voice to the choir on some items Paul mentioned. As previously noted, I missed the first AquaTheater show and was rescheduled for the following evening. This because of the myriad problems listed in other posts.

Fast forward to the day at Labadee. I had booked the 3:30pm matinee performance of Hairspray on-line. I knew this would limit my time ashore at Labadee when I made the reservation. When Paul invited me to dine with him at 150 Central Park at 6pm that same day I thought "great, that gives me an hour to get ready for dinner". That morning I happened to walk by the theater and noticed the marquee listed the show time as 4:30, not 3:30. The Compass still had the 3:30 time listed in the afternoon schedule. Looking deeper I found a small note buried in the promo for the show which said "to give our guests more time at Labadee we have changed the showtime to 4:30". Wonderful. This now meant I still had to come back early to shower and change, and it also meant I had to miss the last act of Hairspray so I could get to the restaurant on time.

The staff needs to gain an appreciation for the ramifications of changing show times. It does have consequences for some, and it can be like a line of dominoes starting to fall. Everyone who had reserved the show was prepared for the 3:30 time. There was no justification for changing it. I am more upset that, as Paul experienced, I found out by accident. Clear communication of changes didn't happen. You can't assume people will read the fine print in the Compass.

I ate at Giovanni's Table for lunch yesterday. The food was very good and it really is an Italian restaurant, with the ambiance and all. Waiters rushing around, the maitre'd constantly telling the staff to do things, etc. Giovanni's is really about couples or small groups. I ate solo and it threw a kink in things since many dishes are "due"....for two. My waiter made a special plate of antipasti for one which was very high quality. I had a pasta dish with squid and mussels, and finally a steak with broccoli rabe and olive oil fried potatoes, with gorgonzola butter on the steak. Yum. I waddled out stuffed. However, there was again a problem with reservations. I pre-paid the $10 on line but when I got up to leave I was presented with a bill for $10. No sense arguing with the restaurant staff, so I signed for it and then went to guest relations. At guest relations the purser immediately asked me if I could prove I paid it on-line. I was incredulous and asked "can't you pull it up on the computer?" Her reply was "no". After a pregnant pause she took the receipt and vanished into the back room. After about 5 minutes she returned and said they had found the info and she credited my account for the $10. It is ridiculous that the computers at the front desk can't access all the details of a cruise booking, to include all enhancements that were pre-paid.

At the Crown&Anchor reception the Hotel Director said we had around 4800 passengers "on purpose", so they could ramp up to max load and make adjustments in their processes. Well, I will take him at his word. They did the same on the Freedom inaugural revenue cruise (I was on it). However, how convenient this is given the problems RCI is having booking up the ship. I was told those on the official inaugural cruise were contacted and given fire sale prices if they would tack the 4-night cruise on the front end.

Overall, I was happy. These little annoyances didn't ruin my cruise.

Yes, those two closets masquerading as internet cafes! There were lines all day and night as people tried to print boarding passes. Thankfully I got in during a lull and got my airline stuff done. Surely they could do better than this.
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