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Some good things to note:

When the internet did work is was the fastest I've ever had on a ship. Very close to a typical home "light" broadband speed (say around 800kb download speed).

RCI lived up to their promise of honoring diamond and diamond plus members in December. We were showered with little gifts. A very nice Oasis "inaugural season" beach towel, a nice ballpoint pen, a woven carry-all bag, one of the commemorative Coke aluminum bottles made just for the Oasis, and a diamond member "special" pin.

I thought the food quality at the "free" places was very good in most cases. I found it strange for me, but it ended up that I think I ate more Sorrento's pizza than anything else while aboard the Oasis. Perhaps it is a good thing with a large passenger loading in this instance, because they were always pulling pizzas hot from the oven, slicing them, and they'd be snapped up in seconds. More than once I had to wait a couple minutes before eating or else risk burning my mouth from the hot cheese.
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