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I am not in the diamond program so i will not answer, I will tell you, Dave and the rest of you, that I got an an email from our :secret insider' from the AquaShow cast today and she explained a lot to me. I will go into that in more detail later.

Before we get to "down" on Oasis lets put this thread into perspective, the idea was to go on the first passenger cruise and see all the stuff every cruise line tries to cover-up for the media. Hey, if I didn't;t know that happens why else would I book this cruise.

So, not to make mountains out of molehills - there are shakedown cruises. This was the first time the reservation system had ever been used. At 150 Central Park they DID have my payment on record, no problems. They also seem to have had all my show reservations, even though the times were not right. Every time I went to a show they scanned my card and I was told "yes, you are are booked, go right in."

The problem was not notifying us of the changes. That would be a full-time job, but yes it should be. When you put a system as complicated as this reservation system if you are going to change show times it becomes a full time job. I can only imagine what it will be like when they throw shore excursions into the mix.

I was told online that when I booked my 150 Central Park reservation that it would be re-verified once I got onboard. It wasn't, there was no reminder sent to my room that I had ANYTHING booked, and Dave said he could not pull up his reservation information on the interactive TV. Fortunately, I had written all of mine down, so I knew where I was supposed to be.

Bottom line - its a good system, and the shows all seem to very good. Lets not get down on them because they didn't have it working perfectly the first week.

The thing I noticed is that both Dave and my Wife still had the Wow of seeing the ship the first time. Nothing changes that. I am a very veteran cruiser and I had thoroughly explored her on day one. I just found it to be a very enjoyable cruise.

I am not a big Caribbean cruise fan in all honesty. I really prefer Europe and more exotic destinations. I live in Phoenix, and I don't tend to sit by the pool watching belly flop contests.

But I still loved being on this ship, It is just so truly beautiful. And so active, and fun. You are never bored. And there is so much good food. My wife was on a diet, but I admit I was sneaking goodies every chance I could get (and there are so many), I am sure I gained 5 pounds.

Oasis is still a home-run folks. Truly. Do not doubt it.

My only real concern is the Internet. I heard rumors that it was a problem several times from Turku on, and being down for 10 hours on a weekday on our trip was not a good sign. It is a satellite issue, not internal. RCCL must get this fixed, they need an web café with a full-time wen manager on duty, and they need the replace whatever is not doing the job correctly.

More on that later, too. I have pictures and video to upload. If you are looking for the real Oasis story, you are in the right place.
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