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They had some special offers for us if we booked another cruise while aboard. Double credits for the balcony cabin diamond discount, $300 onboard credits.

Let me say a few words about debarkation: it was very fast and efficient. From the time my tag number was called and we were escorted to the gangway, until I was sitting in the shuttle bus, it took exactly 9 minutes. 9 minutes to exit the ship, get my luggage, clear customs, walk to the bus and hand off my luggage to the driver and take a seat. And if you recall it took me about 15 minutes to go from the terminal front door to the ship on embarkation day. RCI and the port staff have done a wonderful job on these two processes.

I definitely plan to return to either the Oasis or the Allure. Oasis is a fun ship with so much to see and do that I think these vessels have bright futures. I am thinking Allure since it will have the needed modifications based on feedback from the crew and passengers from Oasis. The bartenders had problems with the layout of several bars. They were designed to look nice but are not optimized for functionality. As an example, Bolero's only has one mixing station but at night has two bartenders. They need two stations. The bar also has a big island in the middle which is simply an obstacle they have to maneuver around, plus it blocks the view so they can't see the whole bar.

In the end though, no matter how innovative a ship is it always comes down the the crew making or breaking the cruise. The crew of Oasis was superb. I was greeted by every crew member who passed by me. If you are worried about so many passengers making it an anonymous cruise, think again. In just 4 days many members of the staff were calling me Dave. Every question or problem was resolved to my satisfaction.

I look forward to my wife and son seeing the ship and looking at the expressions on their faces.
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