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As a heavy smoker but one who "smokes to the rules" on ship I have to agree with the sentiment of Carlball's post.

Yes smokers are entitled to do their habit on ship, but you are relying on people doing the right thing, and it appears that in some cases they are not. As a smoker married to a non smoker I would take great exception to a fellow smoker, smoking where they should be when with my wife IN A DESIGNATED NON SMOKING AREA.

The problem is yet again the lines take a back seat and IGNORE people breaking the rules, and then leave it to people like me to do their job and chastise said person. Hey, that’s not my job!!! But why should I have to put up with the result of your lack of BALLS when dealing with your clients?

I smoke, but I do it where I should, but people that walk out of that line are in my opinion displaying an arrogance over others that should be tackled for the sake of all, and by the CREW. I am also convinced that this is not only a Princess problem, its endemic in how people treat others when on a ship and for some all rules go out the window / porthole.

As a smoker, again I agree with you, not right
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