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Originally Posted by jaggy View Post
I've been on many warm weather cruises throughout the Caribbean, but I've never been on a cruise to Alaska. I just booked a 7 day Alaska cruise on Amsterdam for May 10th. I'm guessing its still going to be a little (maybe a lot) chilly at that time in Alaska.

We sailed on the Veendam May 7/07 and the weather was cold with lots of rain, in fact we hit a storm the night before Ketchikan that we couldn't get into the port, so the Captain just turned around and we had a leisurely trip back to Vancouver.

On warm weather cruises, I always packed some shorts, t-shirts and button up shirts, smart casual trousers, a sport coat and a tuxedo. Maybe a light jacket and a sweatshirt.

I have no clue what to pack for Alaska. Is the cruise more casual or more formal than the Caribbean?

I think it is but if you feel good in your tux, then take it. I always think a man looks GREAT in a tux.

Should I even bother packing the tux? Should I even bother packing shorts and t-shirts? - maybe one pair of shorts and a couple of t's or golf shirts - who knows you could get warm weather.

Should I stick with corduroys and sweaters? I would (I don't really wear jeans) Will I need a heavy coat? I'm clueless.

I was thinking a pair of shorts and a couple t-shirts or polos. Mostly long sleeve shirts, a couple sweaters and cords and khakis. Sounds good.

Rain parka with removable fleece liner. Perfect - you may not need the fleece liner if you have a heavy sweater under the jacket.

Sport coat and tie for formal nights. For some reason I have it in my mind that formal nights in Alaska will be somehow less formal. Is this true or am I being delusional. I have no problems packing and wearing a tux, in fact I get great pleasure from wearing a tux. I look good in a tux if you look good in it take it.

What am I bringing that I wont need and what essentials am I missing? A hat and gloves for cold weather. So, give me some advice here. Thank all of you in advance.
If you have anymore questions, please just ask.

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