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Default It's Thursday!

Morning Mates, from Caribou River, where I'm surprised I still have a roof after last night's storm! Never in my life have I heard howling winds and sleet like that, I swear it rocked the house.
It started with some light snow, which was hard to drive in because there are no street lights between here and town. Not much accumulation though, the winds were strong. Then about 1 am the sleet started, I thought it was going to break the windows it was so loud!
All this was followed by rain, and I woke up this morning to find most of the snow melted and the roads are clear, and the temperature is +5C.

I saw on the news last night that Montreal got hit pretty hard with yesterday's snowstorm, so in this case, they got the worst of it, even though people keep telling me it's worse in the Maritimes!

The weather will not keep me from my Aquafit class this morning, then I will accompany James into town this afternoon for an appointment and a visit to the gym. Still working on those's a losing battle at this time of year!

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