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Good Morning to you Donna in the land of the frozen coffee pot and all who follow.

We had the winds Tuesday into Wednesday that we experienced and the temperature here soared near 60 F. But you know what that means. It fell like a stone last night although not as far as predicted, it currently being 30 F at this hour.

It's truly like having a new computer just with the RAM upgrade from 256 Megs to 1 Gig.

Had thought yesterday I would have been on the road to Johnson City for my cardioversion by now but they moved it back so we're not leaving for another 1 1/2 hours.

Did you get to use your new grill yet BeenieWeenie and if so give us a "Food Channel" review.

Hope you're doing even better today Mike. Now don't become paranoid when I tell you I added you to the prayer list.

Well, best get my butt in gear and play the "Coasters" and "Put out the trash" and then get my shower.

Prayers continue for those on the list and who are suffering any sort of travail as well as Blessings on everyone. Have a fantastic Thursday!

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