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We too had the big wind yesterday. There were time when I thougtht for sure the roof would come off but it is still in tack. Yesterday we woke to temps of 57 but this morning it is 27 . What a difference a day makes! Snow is blowing but not to accumulate...if you can believe the weatherman!
Mike, hope all is going better today and you get sprung from there. Loved the pic and your new headgear.
RD sounds like you have another busy day in store. Just be safe in your travels and have a great time.
Todd-hope you pass your tests with a A+. You too be safe in your travels.
Me I have an afternoon of running around for everyone but me. First it is my Mom to the hairdressers and back. Then a trip to Ashland, KY for hubby, with a stop off at the cell phone store to give them some info so I can get my retriee discount. Next a stop to pick up the littlest grandaughter from her babysitter then on to school to get the bigger one after her cheerleading practice. Today I am playing Taxi driver! Just glad I can do it.

Would like to ask my fellow mates to say a prayer for a very good friends 5 wk old grandson. The little guy is in the hospital and facing surgery this morning to repair a blockage from his stomach to his small intestine. He became very ill yesterday morning and was taken to the local hospital where tests showed the blockage. He was moved to Children's Hospital in Cols. where the surgery is scheduled today. This is the first grandchild for our friends and I know they are worried about the little guy. Any prayers would be appreciated I'm sure.

Everyone have a great day and safe travels to all. Stay warm if possible.

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