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Good morning to everyone. I read every day but hardly ever post. I won't tell of the weather here other than to say that at the monemt it is foggy.

travelgalSue, that baby is in my prayers. To me it sounds a lot like what happenned to my oldest grandson, there is a condition that causes blockage in anyone that is cureable. It took an episode like the one your freinds grandson has for the my oldest grandson but my other grandson it was found right away and so he did not have the problem of blockage but had surgery to correct the condition at age 6 weeks. The condition is called Hirschsprung's Disease. If they find that this is his problem I can give them a couple of places to look for info and contact with parents of children with it. Just PM me.

I hope all with any problems are getting relief and that everyone has a good day.
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