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Good Morning CruiseMates!
It is good to see Luannes *sparkle* back. (welcome back sparkle) Todd take care and I wish you a very effective "paddling". You have been messing around with this long enough, they need to really give you a good whack this time. (you must have been a really bad boy).

Mike that picture with the wires... as my daughter would say, that's hot! Really all joking aside, I hope they figure out why you are floppy, oops I mean plopping, dang it, I can't type, I mean flopping.

Well today it is bloody cold at 11F/-11C, with windchills that cut through you like a knife. Looks like tomorrow should get back to reasonable temps again.

I am excited. We may have company coming. An old friend of mine from High School lives in Michigan with her husband, and this terrible economy has hit them with both barrels. Her hubby has been out of work for months, and she just got laid off. Michigan is in an awful state right now. Well he has an interview in Decatur on Monday about an hour and a half away and so it looks like they may come down and stay for the weekend. We haven't seen them since our 20th Reunion in 2002. They are great fun people and we will certainly enjoy their company.

Not much else is happening here. It is quiet and since company may be coming I better start tidying up eh?

Hope you all get on the fast track to the weekend. Wishing the very best for all of you.

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