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Thanks for that public service announcement Todd (Spend! Spend! Spend!)
I don't think we need any encouragement. I'm trying NOT to spend, since I am unemployed at the moment, but Christmas is Christmas, and I really do have to get stuff in the mail SOON!

Meanwhile, most of the "Christmas Spirit" that fell from the sky this week was melted in yesterday's rain and warmer temperatures. At the moment, it is "flurrying" out there, but it won't last.

Today on the agenda, more Christmas baking, maybe get that darn tree up finally, and try to get some stuff wrapped and in the mail.

Thinking of you Mike and hoping you are home and comfortable once again.
Give Kramer a hug from me!

And Todd, regarding the "forgotten shot" - OUCH! I've had that done, but they put me to sleep to do it. It was scary, but at least I didn't feel it!

Have a good Friday Mates, and Delft, please check in, we're wondering how you are doing....

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