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Good Morning cruisemates!!

Before I begin my post, I have a Complaint to those of you who start the good morning threads..... Is'nt.... It's Friday!... BORING???

Just a little more imagination, for a more welcoming post. That's all I ask

Well, weather here is all over the map? (How can that be, when it's only here? ) more snow flurries coming today, but tomorrow the real cold moves in, as we head to serious below zero temps.

Anyone want to guess how happy I am that I'd chosen these past two weeks to be home????????

Had to make a run to my mother's house last night. I call each evening, and I got a busy signal (she has call waiting), so I ran (well not really, I drove) over and sure enough she had a phone off the hook.

I had found her dreaming of how many more bags she could pack, to give me to take to Az. for her..since she's already over her allowance. I'm told her over and over again, the place has an oven

Can't believe I offered to take the woman out for lunch today as I left.
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