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Good Friday afternoon all.

Todd, glad to see you here today with your usual upbeat attitude. I'm so glad the treatment yesterday worked so well for you.

Mike, glad to hear that they are trying some new meds on you with the hope that they will help you more too.

Sue, I'm glad to hear the news about that little guy too. I didn't post yesterday, but I was praying for him.

I spent yesterday morning at the hospital emergency room. Unfortunately I have been getting very sick again since we got here. I guess the surgery didn't help me out. The doctors gave me an IV and some pain meds, and sent me home. They just say there isn't any more they can do for me. I had my hopes up so much, and this has been a blow to my spirits, but I plan to make the best of the good days and hunker down in my bed the other ones. At least it's nothing serious. Maybe one day I'll be on that show mysterious diagnosis. :-)

Take care everyone.
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