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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
If your flight times are "reasonably" on time you should have no problem making it to the ship on time. Cabs are plentiful at MIA and the trip to the port is only about twenty minutes.

The problem occurs if there is a delay in your flights. You need to be onboard ninety minutes before sail time.

One thing to remember is that almost all cruise line air flights arrive on the same day. Your revised time gives you more time but it's still close.

I advocate arriving the day before the cruise but there are circumstances that make this impossible and you need to do whatever you reasonably can in order to make the cruise.

I also advise you to take out insurance, in the event things don't work out.

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My rule is always to fly in the day before. I am breaking the rule this time just because of circumstances that I cannot change. The good news is that I will be in Orlando the day before and that is where my flight to Miami is originating so I don't have to worry about snow or anything like that. I do have to worry still about getting to the airport that afternoon to catch flight and then just worry that it takes off from Orlando on time or close to time. That is really the only issue...if I make it to the gate on time and if it leaves in time...I should have no issue making it from MIA to the pier before 3:00PM. I am traveling solo so I am also cramming my entire 5 day cruise into a carry-on and my laptop case. No check on luggage to worry about at the pier or at the airport.

I will post something from the ship (fingers crossed) and let everyone know that I made it or didn't make it. It will for sure be an adventure
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