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Originally Posted by Paul B View Post
I have never smoked and never will. I do respect your right to express your opinion, but, until it outlawed, smoking is a personal right. I will continue to cruise Princess and all the other lines that permit smoking, but I will stay away from areas where smoking is permitted except for the casino where I can tolerate it. Smokers are NOT second class citizens.

Live and let live, and you will live longer!
I agree and I hate cigarette smoke-BUT there are lines that prohibit in door smoking and even balcony smoking-so it is simple for the OP to simply pick another line.

I know NCL has one room/lounge aea for smokers-the rest of the ship's public areas are smoke free. I know we were in a lounge near this other lounge and we could smell smoke occasionally,when others entered that area, the door was opened of course-I started to gripe until I considered-well I could move to a lounge further away. It was not that hard! The smokers had no where else to go. I do believe we should be kind to others.
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