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Default Oasis of The Seas 19th Dec

Just a quick question, is anyone else going on this cruise then?

Oh, I've cruised with RCI and Princess and now have turned 18 so I obviously don't make the cut for the teen clubs; what are the facilities like on RCI ships for 18-21 year olds? (or specifically the Oasis). I mean more so in terms of meeting people, I'm that used to going on a cruise and meeting LOADS of people, so if I go on the Oasis and don't meet a large group of people of my age I'll be disappointed. Is there a club for 18-21 year olds? Oh, and as far as I'm aware we are allowed into the nightclubs now, yes? I'm 18, can drink legally and I'm flying across half the world to go on this ship so there better be fun people!!
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