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It seems that each Brazilian Embassy in the US has their own set of rules and costs.. Although we live 40 minutes or less away from ours we were told to mail it in according to their directions...we did and received it and our passports back in good time.. We cruised the Pacific Princess.. a lovely little ship..As for the crime in Brazil/Manaus...we took a private taxi to a shop I had always wanted to go to.. Also we took the ships tour down the meeting of the waters. Also, we used the Princess charter from Miami to Manaus which leaves at some awful hour in the a.m. Never got too far in Santareem...just the flea market at the end of the very, very worthwhile..In Dominica we took the aeral tram ride through the tropical forest and it was one of the highlights if not the highlight... walking on the jungle floor and over the tree tops.
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