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I just returned from a 9 day on the Dream (Blogger's Cruise) and had a blast.

I loved the ship. I think Carnival could improve some things on it. The Ocean Plaza is a neat idea...but the exterior walk space is under utilized and this makes for a bottleneck at the coffee shop in the interior area.

Food was great. If one line was to long...I just went and ate something else. Pasta line was never long. It was the monogolian wok that had the longest line for us....because it is individually made.

LOVE the thalasso pool and relaxation rooms. I used them every day.

I am not a Spa person...but these really suited me.

One word of caution....until they get the noise issue resolved in the Spa Interior Cabins on Deck aware that IF the ship is doing 20+ knots and the waves are hitting just makes a "gong" sound.

It did not ruin our cruise....since it only lasted 18 hours out of a 9 day cruise. But it was irritating.

We had a blast. One of our best cruises all things considered....

AND I got to be Brittney Spears in the Legend Show!!!

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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