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All fo the mass market lines are similar enough that it won't make a huge difference to a first time cruiser. Each poster / passanger will have his/her favorites but on balance they all have good points & bad points.

I can't recommend a brick & morter TA in your area but suggest you check the local chamber of commerce, the phone book & the BB. Also read / reearch on your own.

If you really want to go to Roatan, that will eliminate many ships / cruises & make your decision a little bit easier.

There's probably a way to do thsi in excel (& some on line travel sites do it too but I can't remember 1 by name right now) but I'm not super techie so I use pen & paper. Make a table with colums. Across the top write the ship / line; next down write the price, then list the posts. Then you can compare side by side.

It will be hard to make a bad choice so just pick what feels interesting to you & fits into both your budget & lifestyle. Happy Anniversary & con voyage.
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