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Dave ....

Very astute, Solstice and Queen Mary 2 are two big ships that use size fpr grandeur, not just to pack in more cruisers. That makes them both very classy.

But on this:

"I don't think the new ships are too big, but I do think we've seen the upper limit and they won't get bigger than the Oasis class."

I would bet you $100 that by 2020 we have ships over 300,000 tons (unless the word economy collapses, and if that happens then we will remember the golden age of Oasis-class ships the same way we tour Newport RI mansions).

Fain said it best, though. If you recall, when Voyager was introduced everyone said "ships will never get bigger" and there were only three ports in the world bug enough for Voyager. Now we have 5 Voyager Classes and 3 Freedom classes (a 2 Oasis-classes). In other words, everything that was being said back then is now meaningless blather.

Oasis proved that a ship can grow by 40% and be just as maneauverable and that it even offers cost advantages. There is nothing stopping ships from growing even bigger.

Also - I like Epic's funky look. Oasis has the same thing - it is just more midships instead of up front.
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