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I never noticed that someone asked me about Edwin Rojas...

... in 2005 - sorry I missed that!

In any case, I worked under the guy and let me tell you, many cruise directors are exactly as they appear to be, and some are completely different when you get them off-stage.

Edwin was the kind of guy who thought he was too cool to have to worry about what people thought about him. He would do things other people didn't like and he didnt care because he thought his job entitled him to get away with it.

he would tell you one thing, and then tell someone else something else and stab you in the back. I was not the only one who worked for him who didn't like him, BTW. I met many. He would contact the home office and tell them people he didnt like personally were doing a bad job. It was just like that kind of stuff. I could say a LOT more, but it isn't necessary.
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