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I do agree the Oasis and Allure will be "just other ships" by the time 2012 rings in. It didn't take long for the Freedom class to be clumped in as simply larger versions of the Voyager class (which is really all they are...made larger to accomodate the Flowrider and H2O zone). I already get the sense the media hype over Oasis is fading quickly, perhaps faster than RCI had hoped. Perhaps the danger a company treads by debuting a new ship right before Christmas. People are distracted.

The Oasis elevators were very efficient. I also liked how they took some of them and programmed them for express service for passengers returning to the ship from Labadee. That certainly helped keep crowding and wait times down as people returned to the ship. For those wondering what I am talking about, for the last couple of hours at Labadee the Oasis had some elevators that were programmed to only go from the gangway deck and up. Once they had gone to the highest deck selected by passengers they returned to the gangway deck to pick up more passengers. They even spoke to you if you tried to board on other decks "do not enter this elevator, it is on restricted access" (or something like that). Pretty cool.
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