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The regatta in St Martin uses real america's cup contender yachts and they "race" each other in teams. If you like sailing it is a blast.

When I say "canopy" tour in Costa Rica I am referring to one where you actually walk on a trail in the rainforest - it has a lot of bridge that put you up on the top of the tree level. But I had been to Costa Rica before and saw monkeys, parrots, sloths, crocodiles, etc... lots of cool things. When I went back I wanted to show my wife and i asked the tour desk which tour would be best - they said "the canopy tour,"

It turned out they were wrong. I asked our canopy tour guide about wildlife and he said "you should have gone to the nature preserve" - there was no wildlife where we were except ants. It was one of the most boring tours ever - we actually asked for our money back.

Donna - are you maybe thinking of a zip-line tour? That is different from a canopy tour but I have heard people get them confused before.
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