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Default Get Outta' That Rack, It's Thursday Morning!

This situation of sleeping in until 0600 hrs. EST darktime (and even 0500 CST darktime) is gonna' stop! You don't have time to let that water warm so get into that cold shower, pour down a mug of java and hit the door and get out there and either go to work or go shopping! Whadda' ya' mean, the store ain't open! Well then, find a Wal-Mart...just get goin'.

The Sarge!

Uhhhhh, would somebody please get rid of that idiot before he wakes up the entire neighborhood? Heck, I wanna' go back to bed! Trouble is I have an appointment with my Cardiologist in Johnson City this morning.

Prayers continue for those on the list along with the daily request for Blessings upon all.

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