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Good Morning CruiseMates!
Well it seems to be starting off better than yesterday anyway. Phyll thanks for the well wishes. I am feeling better, though I am about $1,500 poorer, as that is the preliminary totals of the charges that someone has racked up on my company bank account, shopping around Waterford, Ireland. I just wonder how these things happen. My Husband rarely even uses the card for this account and somehow his card number has made it to Ireland. I might have expected it to have happened with mine, since it is generally on fire and is used frequently. Fortunately the bank "hot carded" it and they are sending d/h a new card. Once the disputes trickle down through normal channels the money should be restored to the account in about 10 days, which is a major relief. It also drives the point home how important it is to keep a close eye on your accounts online, so you can catch the thievery before the criminals drain your account. I have always had a great relationship with the young ladies at our bank's computer room and have always held them in high esteem, but it has now gone to new levels. I so appreciate them catching this, especially at this time of year. How sad for someone to try to steal all your money at Christmas time.
So today I will be trekking down to the bank to return the stacks of paperwork that need to be processed. I need to head down to the ceramics store to finish a project I started a while back and a couple of loads of laundry.
I think for Christmas just going to do a simple Turkey with stuffing in the bird, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a couple of sides. Just simple so we can sit and enjoy our day together.
I have been fighting the urge to book a flight somewhere warm. I really want to escape the cold right now. It is so depressing. At least the sun is shining right now.
Well I think I will start getting some work done and put some Jimmy Buffet music on so I can at least pretend to be somewhere tropical. Hope you all have a really great day.

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