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Hello from a cold Ohio. It is due to warm up to around 40 today but they are saying to watch for some snow starting tomorrow nigh through Tues. We may have a white Christmas this year!
Today has already been a busy one. I've got all the apples peeled and ready to make apple cakes. I've got 2 loads of laundry done (in my new washer), taken the grandaughter to school, went to the bank for hubby, and managed to stop at the local hardware store to pick up some teflon tape. The next project is to install my new dishwasher. Why is it everything breaksdown at the same time? We have a semi load for hubby's business coming in around 2pm so I will have to help unload that. I am hoping to make a trip to Wally World later this evening, since they are open 24 hrs I think I'll go very late to avoid the crowds. Need to get busy with some shopping, still have a lot of things to pick up. I know what I want to get so it should be easy. Nothing on the list is a high demand item so they should have it in stock. At least I'm hoping they do.
Everyone have a great day.

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