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If it’s the only way to make cruising economical for the masses, then it is the right way to go for the industry unless people are prepared to pay more than they do today for something more like the more “traditional" experience.

Personally, I don’t like them, not because they are too big and what they offer in services, but because they are too busy and with that I mean the number of people I am sailing with and the crowd that can generate.

There are other lines out there that have not went down this route, and for some the space per person can come at a premium, and with that the ship may not be so modern or hi-tech, but to me they can offer a “warmth” in my personal experience. That’s what I look for, and you will not get that “warmth” or “intimacy” on the ships they are building today for bulk cruising.

Put it this way on ships 60-90 size I could walk up to the bar and the bartender after a few days they already knew my name, Hi David how you doing etc. Now they have to look at your card for your name, not their fault, but they deal with so many people it’s nearly impossible to remember who is who, just an example.

I can only compare it to being used to shopping in your small local mall and shops, to suddenly shopping in Mall of America, yes there is more choice but at what cost?
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