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David - while gree with you in principle, when I think back to my cruises on 60-80,000-ton ships I actually think of them as "colder." I think it is the somewhat dilapidated and worn interiors that get to me, like when visiting an older house.

I get more of a charge from being surrounded by the newer.

But I DO agree about the "crowded" issue. If I had to pick a ship for a relaxing cruise, it would be the Solstice or Queen Mary 2; big but also bot crowded.

The smaller ships i don't personally gravitate to much are the oldest Celebrity ships (Century, Mercury). They just don't have the same panache as the newer CXC ships, or even the Millie-class.

I really like the HAL Eurodam as an example of a "right-sized" ship.

I have to say our Crystal cruise was MOST excellent, also. There is a bigger ship but still with exemplary service and great food.

I enjoy Silversea and Oceanua a great deal - but these are always destunation oriented cruises - which truly are my favorite. That to me is the true definition of a cruise - getting away on a smaller ship to great ports of call.

But if you want the 7-day family break where dad wants to walk away the "hero" for his teenage kids, you cannot beat the Oasis and other mega-ships.
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