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Originally Posted by Snoozeman View Post
Good Job there TC.......

This will be fun!
Thank You! If this one is 1/2 as much fun as the one in August was, you know it will be a blast!

OK ... I have everyone's deposit, I'm sending it to Tom on Monday night 12/21/09 via PayPal. Is this everyone? Tom said we have room for some last minute additions if necessary, but only about 4 or 5 more at most.
On the day of the tour each person will owe $34.00, they want it in cash. Also be aware that you will need cash for any purchases you make on the "other side" of the island as there is no electricity. There are a few videos on YouTube about this tour, and of course they have a page on FaceBook with lots of info and pictures, check it out!

Only 29 more days ... and it is ON!

The New UPDATED list ....

TC -1- Pd.
Scurvy & Kay -2 - Pd.

Phil & Liz & Dad - 3 - Pd.
Carolyn - 1 - Pd.
April -1 - Pd.
Linda -1 - Pd.
Bahamamomma -11 - Pd.
Snoozeman -1 - Pd.
Party Animal -9 -Pd.
Kelzbells -2 - PD
Mike & Carole -2- Pd.
Frank -1 - Pd.
Darlene & Don -2 -Pd
37 so far!! Party Bus!!!!!!!
Almost at Max

But why is the rum gone? ~ Capt. Jack Sparrow

also booked: 10/10/13 Carnival Victory B2B, 01/12/14 Carnival Sunshine
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