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Good Morning CruiseMates!
Well dear friends it won't be long and the holidays will be upon us. I didn't realize how much shopping I did online this year, until I ventured out to Champaign yesterday. Evidently folks in East Central Illinois did not get the memo that we are in an economic recession. I have never seen so many people out shopping. It was complete insanity. I have to be honest it was a wasted trip for me. I was on a quest for about 60 pounds of shredded foam for my latest project. I got out the old sewing machine and sewed a Fuf couch, now I have to stuff it. My husband just laughs and shakes his head when I told him I needed about 60 pounds of shredded foam...oh he of little faith. This is what it should look like when I finish it...

Well I think I have found a supllier for my shredded foam, and as soon as it arrives, I will be stuffing my bean bag with wild abandon.

It snowed off and on all day yesterday. It might snow a bit today too, but it doesn't add up to much because the temps seem to be hovering slightly above freezing.

My neighbors called last night, Their daughter is visiting with their first grandchild who was born in October from Boston. Well their son in law was to fly in from Boston yesterday and he sat at the airport all day while his flights were cancelled, finally last night they told him they could get him to Chicago instead of Indy..., so the neighbors called to see if I could help them get him home from Chicago, without having to refinance the house or spending 6-8 hours round trip going up to fetch him in what could be less than ideal weather conditions with a tiny baby in tow in the middle of the night. Some how remembered a shuttle service that the U of I students use to get between Champaign and the airports/Chicago Burbs. We got him booked on that. I will wait until I see activity over there to call and check to see he made it in alright in the wee hours.

There isn't much going on right now. D/H and Sleeping Beauty is still asleep, just me and d/s here holding down the fort. It's about time for my second cup of coffee and I will start cleaning house and making plans to fly the coop around noon, as there will be visitors arriving and I am going to let Hubby be the hosty for the mosty. I am determined that this will be a peaceful and wonderful holiday and this is part of my strategy...avoid conflicts and fly the coop when contentious annoying people arrive.:evil:

So have a great Sunday everyone. Hope you all are well.

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