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Default Dressing or undressing

We have just got off the NCL Gem..Parrot Pop took one black jacket and two dress shirts and two ties..two or three pairs of pants..I cant remember if he even wore the jacket..mostly collared knit shirts.. Yes,I saw some men in tuxes and women in sequins (made a positive comment to one of the men), many guests seemed to wear dungarees and/or dressed shleppy especially during the day ..As for myself I had the black pants, dressy tops (nothing sequined) and felt completely at ease..Yes, Parrot Pop has two tuxes in the closet but refuses to wear them now.. On the other hand...on our next cruise, a Celebrity, we/he will bring two sport jackets.. a dark and light. Parrot Mom always over packs (gets caught too) and I keep promising myself to cut down.. but the next cruise is a special one for us.. and I want to celebrate with dressier clothes..and of course there is always the shopping for an up and coming cruise.. to add a new item or two to freshen up the Yes, I really enjoy dressing up, going to the specialty restaurants...Jewelry real or faux or my special parrot necklaces do add a fun or dressy touch.. but I long for the days now when cruisers took pride in their appearance..
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