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Default Back from the Ruby Princess!

Hi all,

We arrived home yesterday after our short 3-night Ruby Princess get away cruise. We had a good cruise, some really great things and some "not-so-great" things.

Let me tell you about the oddest cab ride I've ever had. When we arrived in Ft. Lauderdale on Wednesday, we had reservations at a hotel that is near the airport. We called the hotel and they told us where to catch their free shuttle. I just couldn't find the shuttle pick-up or the shuttle itself, and when I tried to call them back, no answer. So we just decided to take a taxi since it was so close. We got in the first taxi at the cab stand and told the driver the name of the hotel. I really think this must have been this drivers very first day on the job. Beside the very little english he spoke, he didn't know where this airport/cruiseport hotel was, so he asked for an address. I gave him the reservation sheet with the address on it, and he studied it, but didn't seem to understand written english any better than he spoke it. He got out of the cab and went to the driver in the cab behind us, and about this time my wife told me we should just get out of this cab now, if only I had listened!

The driver came back with a TomTom GPS and asked me to put in the address in the GPS for him. I found the hotel on the GPS and brought it up for him and handed it back. As we drove away, the first direction was to stay to the right and then stay left. He did the opposite, and the GPS never seemed to catch up from here. I don't think the driver knew left from right, whenever the GPS told us to turn right, he turned left. My wife got so upset she leaned over the seat and had to point which way was right and which way was left. He was going in the opposite direction from the hotel, the GPS was trying to turn him around and the driver couldn't turn right to save his life! The meter was approaching $15 on what should've been no more than a $10 ride. my wife screamed "We're not paying you to drive around!"

We knew we'd had enough when he finally turned the wrong way down a one way street. Lucky for us, no one was on the street coming at us. I saw a gas station at the end of the street, and I told him to pull in. My wife asked me if I was going to get directions, to which I replied "nope, we are just getting out!" We got out of the cab, collected our luggage, and as I was walking around to tell the driver I wasn't paying the now outrageous meter. He didn't say anything, just reset the meter and drove off. We went into the gas station and called a new cab, who showed up in about 3 minutes, spoke perfect english, knew exactly where the hotel was and took us directly there.

We stayed overnight in the hotel and boarded the ship on Thursday morning. We look back and laugh now, but the cab ride itelf was just the wierdest EVER for me.

I'll post the ship review and pictures later. We have to unpack, do laundry, catch up on mail and email and stuff. You all know the "After Cruise" drill!

Majesty of the Seas - 10/03 & 02/07 & 11/08
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Mariner of the Seas - 10/05
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Ruby Princess - 12/09
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Carnival Spirit - 11/10
Oasis of the Seas - 9/13
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