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Originally Posted by Paul B View Post
I have never smoked and never will. I do respect your right to express your opinion, but, until it outlawed, smoking is a personal right. I will continue to cruise Princess and all the other lines that permit smoking, but I will stay away from areas where smoking is permitted except for the casino where I can tolerate it. Smokers are NOT second class citizens.

Live and let live, and you will live longer!
I respectfully disagree about smoking being a "right" is not a "right" is a privilege and as such should be treated that way.
It is also a responsibility.

Alcohol is also a legal substance, but a person is not allowed to drink and drive....because someone else may be harmed.

Smoking is no different. No one has the "right" to harm another human being (with a legal substance or anything else). Smokers have the responsibility not to harm another human being.

Smokers have treated nonsmokers like second class citizens for generations with the attitude....."if you don't like the smoke, move".

So question to you is...."why should you have to avoid an area of the ship (that you paid to use) because someone else is addicted to a drug that will make you ill?" We aren't talking stinky perfume.....passing gas does not smell good...but it doesn't contain 3,000 toxins (most of which are carcinogens). Aren't smokers treating YOU like a second class citizen when you can not go into the piano bar....because of their addiction?

And let us not forget that (especially during the summer)....there can be hundreds...(sometimes over a thousand) CHILDREN on board. Do people think the smoke stops when it gets to a child's lungs and says...."this will harm them, I am not going to invade their little body." is unrealistic to believe that someone can go on a ship and not smoke. Therefore, smoking rooms (properly ventilated and used ONLY for that purpose) should be built into these ships.

The bottom line is that the person with the addiction is the ONLY person who should be inconvenienced.

Btw, I think only allowing electronic cigarettes onboard is another very viable option. My friends used them on the Dream last week with wonderful results. They were able to smoke anywhere they wanted to without health issues to those around them.

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