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Default NCL tries to trick you - 2 for 1 drinks

We recently cruised Norwegian's Pride of America and really loved it. But there was just one thing that irked me in a big way! In the Napa Wine Bar they offered a "2 for 1" deal one evening. The sign clearly said, "Two glasses of wine for the price of one". Because of this nice deal, we thought we'd stop in for a glass of wine before dinner.

The server came up and told us we could get two glasses of wine for the price of one. I said that my husband would choose what wine it would be, and he did. When she left our table, I heard a little commotion a few tables away. People were complaining and protesting about the wine but I couldn't quite hear what was going on. It sounded like they were being denied the two for one or something.

So when the server passed by our table I stopped her and said, "So there is a deal on wine right now - we're getting two glasses for the price of one?" She smiled and said yes.

Then she came to our table with FOUR glasses of wine. I said, "Wait a minute, we only ordered two glasses of wine." She raised her eyebrows like she was shocked and said, "Yes, I know. It's TWO for the price of ONE!"

I said, "But we only wanted two glasses, not FOUR! We didn't order four glasses!" She continued to pretend that two for one meant four glasses and that she was so SHOCKED that we didn't get it. But then she realized that I was not going to fall for this and she sighed, made a clicking sound with her tongue and said, "Oh alright!" She left and came back with two glasses of wine.

I was simply stunned that they were trying to fool us like that. I wonder how many customers don't put up a fuss and just accept the four glasses?
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