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I've sailed on Majesty five times, twice when she did the seven day runs and three times when she was moved to the 3/4 days runs. All experiences were good, she's an older ship; however, I believe the line has kept her in good shape and it nicer than most ships in her age range. As for food, it's hit/miss on any ship; honestly depends on the head chef serving that voyage and your personal food preference.

One thing strikes me as odd, which is that the food in the Windjammer generally is the same as that in the dinning room; if one was horrible and the other fine - just seems odd to me. The other point made that "air is very pretentious"; I'm not sure what the poster meant by this? It's a formal dinning room, does one expect saw dust on the floor or "flare" on the wait staff suspenders? If Majesty's dinning room was considered to be "pretentious"; not sure how the poster would feel on Freedom where the dinning room has an $800,000 chandler in it?
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