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IB... i am sorry you had a bad cruise. For singles i know how frustrating that can be.

I realize you are also black, or mixed, or afro-American (forgive me if I dont have the right terminology). I will tell you something because I know how intelligent and introspective you are.

I took my (white) partner, who grew up and had never even been to California on a mexican Riviera Carnival Cruise. And compared to New Yorkers, the one thing she kept saying about the other passengers was "everyone's is so nice."

She was used to New Yorkers not looking other people in the eye, not making casual conversation, etc. Californians do that much more...

BUT, Californians can also be very vapid, and especially about one thing, and that is ethnicity.

One of the big differences I noticed between New York and Los Angeles (I have lived in both for almost a decade each), is that new Yorkers are not uncomfortable with the issue of race or ethnicity. They take pride in whatever they are. Think of a New Yorker, "Am I Italian? what do you think? Of course I am! I'm a third generation goombah." And they would be smiling and joking about it with you.

But a Californian would never dare ask a person "what ethnicity are you?" It is considered a rude topic to even ask. No one mentions their heritage in LA.

That is just California. They are so afraid of offending people of any ethnic background, sooo politically correct, that they were probably afraid to talk to you in fear of saying the wrong thing. I don't know, I may be crazy, but it seems to me "Angelinos" just don't mix like New Yorkers and East Coast people do. Their neighborhoods aren't as integrated, they live in cars instead of subways... you know what I mean?

Personally, I think it is sad. I wish there had been more people you could identify with on the cruise. It was also probably full of families, too, and not as many singles.
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