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Originally Posted by AIS View Post
We booked a repositioning with HAL October 18/2010 aboard the Noordam from Rome to Ft. Lauderdale, 16 days total for the cruise. We will spend 2 days in Rome prior to departure to take in that beautiful city and spend 2 days at the Fort as well. Might as well pop up to the Cape and see some rockets.

Lookin forward to the trip
Sounds wonderful! I would love to be with you,except I think I would want at least 3 days precruise in Rome, so we would have time to take a 13 hour excursion to Pompeii, and then rest up from that. We were sent an offer for this that bundled in the flight and the precruise hotel. It was tempting, but with our upcoming crusie next month, my husband would not have enough vacation time next year to do this.

I am also picky about what airline we use. I like the Delta 767 planes,(does not have to be that airline-just those planes) as they have decent leg room in coach class. (business class is too steep for our pocketbook) We flew Air France this summer to France, and I was so cramped up. I told my husband I could not do that again, I am too old now.
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