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Default Give a cruise for Christmas?

Is it too late to give a cruise for Christmas?

Absolutely not. I did a little research on the best deals out there, and the best bargains in 2010 are to be found SOON - in January and through March. By April prices start to go higher.

However, if you want to book a Carnival cruise that sails four or five months from now I suggest you look at the Carnival Early Savers programs here:

Save on your cruise with Carnival Early Saver | Carnival Cruise Lines

This will make sure you get the best price on a cruise you book now - even if the price drops later.

I am only posting this because I know a lot of people are probably considering a cruise for a holiday gift. The prices here will be good with ANY travel agent, you do not have to book it directly with Carnival.

We actually recommend using agents instead of booking direct, but you can see the prices here.
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