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Originally Posted by cruiseeeeaddict View Post
I'm so excited!! & I'm always ready to party, haha.

Did they extend curfew or not enforce it for New Years? I know they're pretty strict about it lately.
Haha, sounds like myself! Always down to party. I'm actually going on the Oasis of the Seas on January 2nd, I'm really excited too!

You should check out Facebook for any groups that may have already been made for your sailing. I found one for mine already, so I'm sure there's gotta be one for the Navigator New Years cruise.

I remember on New Years, they just really didn't care about teens staying out late. I think they lifted the usual curfew for that night, so you don't have to worry about that I don't think. As far as the other nights go, it's somewhat strict, but it's not very hard to get around the curfew. Just go around with a group of people and go from one spot to the next (Library, Chapel (great spot haha), someone's room, etc).

The New Years cruises are usually always a little more lax when it comes to curfew anyways, so it really shouldn't be a problem for ya :]

EDIT: I actually just did a quick search on Facebook for your sailing, and I found a group already, there's two people in it so far. Check it out. Search for "Navigator of the Seas New Years" and you should find it.

Talk to me! :]
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