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Default Saturday, boxing day...only comes once a year

Good Morning CruiseMates!
I keep popping in, hoping to hear a good report from Todd.

Here it is about 28 degrees, it is blue as the sun isn't quite up yet and there is a layer of ice and a dusting of snow from yesterday's weather event.

I have to admit, we have never had a more relaxing laid back Christmas in our time together. We had a great time watching the kids play with their toys and helping them put stuff together. I bet d/d and I baked a half dozen cakes and cookies in her Easy Bake oven. I had forgotten how cool stuff like that was. Today I might try out our Wii Fit...when no one is watching. I think too, that I may cook steaks out on my other Christmas present tonight for dinner if the weather cooperates. The kid's were so happy to be home and not to be on the road going somewhere or going to another relative's house for dinner. They loved waking up in their own beds, playing all day, having Christmas dinner here and so did I.

I took all the bones and stuff from the turkey and boiled it down into stock and later this week I think I might make turkey pot pie, turkey and noodles and whatever else we can think of. By the time the New Year arrives, we'll have had enough turkey to last us until next Thanksgiving. I was happy yesterday as my normally picky eaters tried and liked nearly everything I made, except the kids could not handle the shrimp bisque, it was just too spicy for them. which is fine. I was just happy they tried it.

Today I plan on cleaning up my house that looks as though a bomb went off. The kids need to go find places for all their new toys, that are sitting all over the living room, kitchen and dining room at the moment. Right now I have forts constructed from Camo tarps all over the place, there's a child sleeping under one of them in my dining room. Last night there was a kid under one in the living room, but he decided it was less scary and more comfy in his own bed and retreated about midnight .

Katlady posted her funny Christmas video yesterday, so I decided to see if I could make one too. OMG it is hysterical we all sat around and kept running them over and over. You can change the music and the dancing to different styles but it just kept cracking us up so much we ended up downloading it to put in the kid's keepsake box to help us remember the Christmas of 2009. If you want a good laugh check us out:
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I hope everyone has a great day. I am going to go have another cup of coffee.

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