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Morning Beenie, and all to follow....glad you had a nice, relaxing Christmas, sounds like it was a great day all around. (edited to add hi to Mike!)
Our was very quiet. Dull might be another description. It was very strange not having any family around after a lifetime of busy, busy Christmases.
On the other hand, I enjoyed the peace and quiet, and was glad I did not have to travel when I saw all the travel woes on the news...

I did manage to make a lovely turkey dinner, of which there's enough left over that I won't have to cook tonight! I'm sure we'll enjoy it as much the 2nd time around.

Boxing Day...hmmmm...always the biggest shopping day of the year back in Montreal, and a day I would NEVER venture into the stores.
However, here, apparently everything is CLOSED!! You can't shop, you can't go to the pool or the library or the Y, everybody has an extended Christmas vacation, and you know what? I think it's a good idea. People should stay home and spend more time with their families, just relaxing for a change...
I got gift certificates, but I can wait a few more days to shop!
Actually, I think today I will be putting my other present into the DVD player and watch endless hours of LOST Season 5!!!

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