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Good Morning Mates,
A mild day here - so far. Maybe some freezing rain coming our way - ugh.

Christmas - well, let's just say I am thankful I survived. I would love to just have a melt down - but I must get dressed, go to church and get the scripts mailed back. If they are not all there, then I am not sure what to do, there will be a fine, but I am just too exhausted to make more calls...
then - I am sure that the familes that are left around town will be calling or coming with hopes of more get-to-gethers.
This continous sinus infection since October is so stubborn, it just keeps flairing up. As soon as I think it is gone, it comes back with a vengence.

Glad to hear from Todd - wish there were something I could do to help them. Since all I can do is pray, that is what I shall do. My heart is full for them these days.

Also wondering how Delft is and all that is on her plate.
Just so many on my heart.

Mike - I don't enjoy situations like that - hard to lie still when it feels like you are being held Sorry to hear so many got ill.

RD - I feel like shoppoing too, but doubt there is any big sales in my small town - feed stores/mini marts and such seldom have those after Christmas deep discounts.

BW - never had the experience of Christmas in my own home - maybe someday. What a joy.

Wishing you all a restful day.

Kuki - has it warmed up in your area at all yet - is there warm weather anywhere - I am cold and think I need a warm change of scenery.
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